5 Tips to Land a Summer Job


620x330_dreamjobThis is probably the most vital tip in scoring a great summer job. Remember, you’re not the only one that is out on summer vacation and is looking to earn that extra spending cash. start your search early!!  It's the best way to ensure that you will get a job before all the other summer vacationers beat you to the punch.  Visit several different types of businesses (restaurants, department stores, grocery stores, etc.) Restaurant Maitre d's, waitresses/waiters have potential to make a lot in tips, but remember their base pay is also very low and taxes high. Ask older friends or siblings about jobs they might have had and how they liked them.  They might even be able to make introductions for you! Take into consideration how far jobs are from your home so you can manage transportation!   THM suggests that you begin handing out resumes and filling out applications several months before school gets out and you would like to start your job.

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