5 Tips to Land a Summer Job


When Job hunting, you never want to look like you just rolled out of bed. No employer is going to want an employee that  looks like a slob, regardless of whether you work behind a wall and a desk, or in front of customers.  Obviously the places you apply you'll want to visit to get an idea of the way their employees dress.  Some places encourage very trendy and eclectic dress that gives you a great degree of creativity in your work outfits.

Dress for Success

But it's never a bad idea to be well-dressed and wear a semi-formal outfit that will impress the employer. Gals, that means a just to the knee pencil skirt with a white tailored shirt or sweater set and guys, that means neutral colored slacks (not jeans), with a tailored shirt.  Employers look at image when hiring because their employees are the ones representing the company.  Guys, this means shave your face and be well groomed! Gals, this means clean face, but not too much make-up, and clean neatly groomed hair.

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