5 Tips to Land a Summer Job


Knick em Dead Job InterviewWhen job hunting, you always want to have a great introduction and make a great first impression when meeting a future employer for the very first time. An important way to make an impression is to go online and do a bit of research about the company, their mission, and their policies.  An informed candidate is always much more interesting to an employer, than someone who just walks in off the street and says “I want a Job”, but has no idea what the company does.  Remember to always have an elevated voice and have confidence. Good customer service skills are a very important skill that employers look for when hiring, so don't seem overly shy to your future employer.  There a lots of good books on interviewing.  This is just one example, but looking on Amazon is helpful because you can see ratings and read ratings by other viewers and like this book, “look” inside to see if you might like the contents. Try practicing a few introductory comments in front of a mirror, then ask a friend if they'll help you practice.  You can also set up an iPhone, Droid, or iPad to record your introduction so you can replay it and make it even better.

FOLLOW-UP on each and every application.  I can't tell you how many employers who've told me they weed out applicants often by whether not they follow up.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  Just work through these important tips and go get that job!


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