Addiction and Personality Disorders – When and Where to Get Help!

dice and poker chipsADDICTION – What drives people to develop addictive behaviors? Personality or behavioral disorders are really a spectrum of behaviors – behavioral disorders aka mental illness affect 1 in 4 Americans every year.  All of us have some level of anxieties and fears.  It's when these levels become unmanageable or result in destructive behaviors that they move into the realm of “disorder”.  Often these disorders can cause suffers to turn to substance abuse and dependence (alcoholism, drug addiction) as a way to try to cope, but the reality is that it is a form of recurrent and self-defeating behavior. People are addicted to all kinds of things: gambling, shopping, the Internet, reckless and life-endangering pursuits. Even adrenaline junkies abound!  If you have any of these symptoms, or know a friend or family member who does, read on to learn more, but be sure to consult a physician.

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