Alcohol – Can It Derail Your Muscle Gain?

620x330_drink“No!”…or so you thought, right?   The answer is” YES!”  You saw “No,” but your mind said “Yes”, and more importantly, your BODY said “YES!”   You know what's up!   Alcohol absolutely CAN derail your muscle gain!   Despite conclusive reports detailing the negative effects of alcohol on bodybuilding, some people are still trying to justify that it is just fine…  DON'T FALL FOR IT!

What many people don't now about alcohol is that it dehydrates your body – it causes your body to shed water, and water is the biggest component of your body tissues (50 – 65%).   Here's the tricky part…alcohol is a liquid, and your mouth is telling you that drinking will quench your thirst.  As a matter of fact, alcohol severely dehydrates your body causing it to crave more liquid!   One of the worst effects of alcohol on athletes is cramping caused by dehydration, and cramping is a major cause of injury.  So, IT'S best not to drink alcohol if you are serious about sports.

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