Balancing Act Extraordinaire – School and Work

calendarDON'T SKIP CLASS to make it to a work shift. Always remember that school needs to come before work!   If your employer is asking you to skip school to make it to a shift, then find a job that's willing to work with your schedule. School always comes before work!  Check your calendar in the evening before you go to bed, so you're in the know about what's up for tomorrow.  If you need to call your employer, give them advance notice – preferably a week if you have school conflicts.

Hectic Schedule? Good time management is key in maintaining good grades and working a part time job because without it, you will never get all your homework done and do well on your test. Almost every email system like Google and Hotmail also include a calendar that GUESS WHAT?  synchs with your phone!!  . An example of good time management would be refusing to go out one night so you can catch up on homework. An example of poor time management would be leaving your homework or studying for a test until last minute and needing to pull an all nighter to catch up.

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