Balancing Act Extraordinaire – School and Work

620x330_cellphonesDistractions are a real problem…Electronics such as cell phones, computers, and television can be a study or schedule aid, but just as often act as huge distractions. It can really get in the way of  work done.  Try this out – turn your phone off for an hour a day, and do your homework in a silent area, such as a library or classroom. You can get more than double your work done if you put 100% of your attention on it and not constantly being interrupted by text messages or checking your instagram!

Follow these tips for balancing the effort of getting good grades while working a good part time job! Remember, your parents are ultimately your main boss. You want money, and your parents want you to get good grades. So in order to keep YOUR BALANCE and make both parties happy, remember these helpful tips from THM!

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