Body Odor Causes and Prevention

Body Odor Causes and Prevention

Body Odor is caused when the sweat glands release certain chemicals that have odorous properties. Different areas of the body and different types of sweat glands are prone to giving off different odors. The odor we usually think of when talking about body odor is that found under the armpits. The odor under the armpits is distinct because those glands secrete an oil which is broken down by bacteria at the surface. The odor in the armpits as well as other places in the body can be triggered by stress or exertion. It is common for a man or woman to have body odor when in a stressful environment such as work or school. Conditions such as diabetes, hormonal imbalances, or excessive sweating can increase undesirable odor. It's important to wash the areas clean of dead skin and oil that can harbor bacteria; it may help to use a cloth or something other than the slick hand to scrub yourself in the shower. A diet with smelly food, refined sugar or fried oils can contribute to an unpleasant scent. When people wear clothes that are chemically reactive or don't let the skin breathe, it creates conditions where pungent smells can build up fast.

Sage is often added to natural deodorants, and may reduce sweat gland activity and balance hormones; drinking sage tea may be beneficial. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, alcohol, witch hazel, or vinegar will neutralizes bacteria and odors fast when applied to odorous areas. Eating chlorophyll rich foods, food grade charcoal, parsley, cilantro, yogurt, zinc, and cranberry, can help your body neutralize odors internally. Making your diet more alkaline, by eating more vegetables might help your body smell better. Drinking more water during the day helps the body adapt to stress better and can reduce body odor. It might also help to add some lemon and honey or gray unrefined sea salt to a glass water a day.

For smelly areas it's important to give them air to breath to stop the smell from worsening.  Alternatively apply deodorant or an odor neutralizing cream or ointment, such as one containing essential oils. Trimming the hair or completely removing hair sometimes can make the area less smelly. Wash and change your clothes regularly. Shoes are hard to wash, so make sure you wear socks and let your shoes dry out completely after every use. Lastly, always wash smelly areas completely in the shower so that no odor is present, otherwise your body will not have time to establish less smelly bacteria colonies.

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