Chills and Thrills – Halloween Releases & Ghoulie-Oldies

Chills and Thrills – Halloween Releases & Ghoulie-Oldies

Halloween MOVIES!!
Scare night brings its ever so thrilling new line up of movies… Are you ready?  What's on the horizon for release? Where can you find some of those ever so timeless favorite thrillers? Read on and check out the newest terrifying movies AND how to find those “ghoulie-oldies”!

Great New Halloween Movie Release Sites

Argento's Dracula 3d, Haunt, and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane are probably on your radar scope – Be sure to check the ratings before you buy a ticket!  Some of these aren't rated, yet, so you don't want to end up trying to get into a movie with a rating that keeps you out.

You may already have figured out how to find your local theater listings, but here are some great websites to figure out what's newest, find all your closest locations and even purchase tickets in advance on-line, to avoid most of the long waits.

Two such sites include:

These sites also show trailers as well as links to the movie websites where you can find info. on the stars, plots, etc.
For anything that is already released, is a great site to check out ratings based on viewers!

Plan a midnight viewing with friends, or save on matinee prices at mid-day.  It's fun to share your reviews with your friends afterwards and then check out how your impressions matched up with sites like  You can even contribute your own review!

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