Choosing the Best Job For You

Choosing the Best Job For You

College courses can be extremely time consuming and stressful on the average student. But for some students, college classes aren’t always the biggest of your concerns. Juggling college workloads and making money can be nearly impossible! However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think! THM wants to show our college readers some of the top jobs that will work with your school schedule, and bring in that dough!

Your university can be a great resource when hunting for a job that will be flexible with a busy school schedule! Normally on your college websites homepage or on your school campus there will be a bulletin board that advertises some of your on-campus jobs.

One on-campus job that is great for students is being a tutor! Being a tutor allows you to create your own schedule, and will always be in huge demand! Once you have established a major and perfected a specific subject or course, it is easy to put up tutoring flyers throughout your campus or in your dorm room. Being a tutor not only allows you to create your own work hours that work for you, but also increases your pay rate considering some tutors can be a little pricey.

Another on campus job that is especially in demand during summer orientations is being an on-campus tour guide. Being a tour guide allows students to get connected with their campus, have flexible hours, and get free clothing that represents your school to wear during your tours. Also, you get invites to all the campus events!

A job working for your campus bookstore is a great way to create a flexible schedule, and save some extra cash! Working in a campus bookstore allows you to make new friends with other employees, and also get familiar with books that you may need in the future. Working in a bookstore makes it super easy to create flexible hours because there is always work to be done! Whether its customer service, register, ordering, inventory, or shipping, there is always a job to be done! Also, with the price of books skyrocketing, an employee discount is a huge perk.

Juggling classes, studying, homework, and work makes is hard to have any spare time, and often times college students forget to take care of their bodies and hit the gym! But what If you could kill two birds with one stone? Working as a personal trainer at your school's on-campus gym makes it easy to make money and get a good workout at the same time! This is also an extremely well paying job which ranges from $10 an hour and up!

For some people, working an on-campus job can be just too much of your school and you need to get away. That is no problem at all! Getting a job off campus can be a great option as well. For young people such as college students, working at a business that involves customer service is a very good place to start. Businesses such as retail stores will often work with your school schedule, and give you a killer employee discount!


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