Earn Badges

Earn Badges

Level 1: Begin earning and issuing Badges


In this Level you’ll set-up a profile on Credly so you can earn, store, and share badges. You'll also issue a badge to one or more people who demonstrate skills, values or behaviors you have witnessed first-hand.


Level 2: Website Explorer

In this Level you will explore the THM website. Learn about our video competitions. Check out our beta test challenges. Get involved with a new subject, like geocaching!

Level 3: THM Film Mentorship

This level is for students who are interested in a career in the film industry. Mentorship applications are accepted from students have completed levels 1 and 2. For more information on how to get involved, contact us.

This program is offered to High School and College students who are interested in a career in the film industry. Students sign up for this program and are introduced to the film industry through our 6 class course. Our team will teach professional standards including content release forms, licensing, publishing and marketing. After completing the course each student will recieve a film reel. We can also give credit for mentorship requirements.

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