Fashion Trends: 2000s

Fashion Trends: 2000s

Male fashion is highly influenced by the music we listen to, the movies we watch, and the things that surround us. With growth of the Internet over the years, there are no boundaries on how fast or where trends can spread. Here are some fashion trends that have come to life over the past decade.

Baggy Clothes

During the 90s and the early 2000s, baggy clothes were in full effect, from the XXXL T-Shirts, to the obese extra baggy jeans. This trend originated from inmates who were not allowed to wear belts, and later Michael Jordan who got tired of wearing short shorts for his basketball uniform. This trend eventually spread to the inner city where it was wide spread through the hip-hop culture.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans were first worn in the 1950s by early film stars, punk bands, and were somewhat popular, until the 90s when hip-hop helped the wide spread of baggy jeans. The slimmer fit was a style that mainly skaters, and surfers would wear until it eventually hit mainstream. All music cultures, even rappers were influenced to incorporate them into their style.


V-necks were considered to be more a part of women's fashion than men's, but around 2006 they began to become more and more of interest for both genders. Deep Vs are not as popular, but the standard V-neck become a good replacement to the standard T-Shirt.

Fitted Caps

Before the rebirth of Snapbacks, Fitted Caps were something that pretty much everyone had, making them probably one of the biggest trends of this time period. They are made by Nu Era Caps and came in different sizes.

Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-Shirts become very popular over time, whether they have a phrase, a cool design, or just the companies' logo.


Coming in a variety of styles, plaid fit the style of anyone from gangsters, and skaters, to the hipsters. Plaid is really nothing new, but it became a very popular trend and could be worn as anything from shirts, pajamas, and jackets, to scarves. Many retro trends seem to repeat, as we see styles from the retro eras come to the present. From the throwback jersey to the oh so popular Js, the retro style has come back in the 2000s. The snapback was even a trend that was more popular in the 90s but also came back around 2009.


Skater fashion has definitely brought an influence to people of many styles. From the geek, to the jock, it seemed that everyone had a pair of vans. In various colors, people seemed to wear them at every occasion, even to formal dances.


Chuck Taylors originally were introduced as a basketball shoe in 1917 by Converse, before shoe designers discovered arched soles. They are fashionable for both genders, but became very popular through the orgins of gangster rap. Wiz Khalifa, also sponsored them by forming his rap group “Taylor Gang.”

Thrift Shop

Going through Thrift Shops, and exchange stores, became so popular that Seattle rapper Macklemore would make a song about it. This phenomenon of finding old authentic clothing, makes people feel unique in their style of dress, and also attributed to stores like Buffalo Wild Exchange.

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