620x330_girlbodybuilderFemale bodybuilding is growing in popularity world-wide at an amazing rate.   The sport, once reserved almost solely for men, has attracted the attention of women who want to take their bodies beyond simple good health and fitness and to push the absolute limits of their abilities to build muscle mass.  Women can pursue muscles that truly rival a man's physique, but  another route is to develop powerful and strong muscles, but without as much bulk.  When talking about competition, the disparity between prize money for women and men is far greater than the disparity in their ability to grow muscle.    Despite prizes that are only a fraction of what is available to men in the sport, many women display just as much drive and determination to compete as their male counterparts. One organization to find out information on body building is the International Federation of Body Building http://www.ifbb.com. Tons of info. is published for men, BUT FOR WOMEN, READ ON!!!

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