WHAT????!!!!  That doesn't sound right, does it? Don't people go on strict diets when developing their body to reduce the fat?   A lot of us dream of having a healthy and great looking body. Some spend countless hours in the gym, and spend thousands of dollars on equipment just to gain muscles. Some people even have medicine cabinets lined up and filled to the brim with gain muscle medications and supplements. The fact is, a lot of these people find the process too tedious and too slow and they think that by starving their bodies, they'll get muscle faster.

WRONG!  That popular notion that have people cutting back on their food intake so that body fat will disappear muscles to magically be more pronounced is just wrong. Eating less not only reduces fat, it also reduces those muscles you're working so hard to develop  – all the cuts and lines that give the body muscle definition just won't be there if there's NO MUSCLE either! Don't sabotage your body by starving it!

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