Geocaching – Too Much Outdoor Fun? Never!

05546edb2843cd1712920812d6fbc763_13So where IS the geocache? Once you’ve got a GPS unit, you’ll need to know where the caches are hidden  (hint:  they’re everywhere).  When a cache is hidden, the cache’s coordinates are submitted to a website for all to see (  Enter the coordinates into your GPS and you’re ready to go.

Did I mention there are more than 100,000 caches in over 200 countries? Sounds easy, right?

Armed with a GPS and the coordinates, how tough can it be?  In an urban area, easy access is typically available in the way of roads and trails.  But what about on a mountain?  What if there aren’t roads nearby?  It’s entirely possible to be a few hundred feet from something and not be able to reach it (across a river or two hundred feet below the cliff you’re on are good examples).  After you try to find a few caches, you’ll understand a number of the nuances of actually finding the cache.  That’s the fun part. Check out this link to see a video description. Geocaching Guide

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