How to Balance School, Work, and your Social Life

How to Balance School, Work, and your Social Life

High school years can be extremely demanding. On one hand juggling homework, studying, and getting enough sleep is a challenge on its own. On top of this, your parents are constantly pressuring you to maintain good grades, and of course keep college in mind. While most parents think that school should be your only priority during high school years, any teenager knows this is just not true! Your social life can be almost as demanding as school life, and the only way to afford to do fun things is to be working a part time job. THM wants to show you a few helpful tips on how to balance your school load while also a maintaining a part-time job.

One way to help balance a hectic schedule is to be sure that your job is, and will always be, flexible with your school schedule. Though making a lot of money is nice, maintaining good grades during your high school years is vital in getting into a great college and pursuing a career. Businesses such as retail shops, restaurant jobs, and other customer service jobs are a great way to start. For example, check out your favorite clothing store and see when they may be hiring. Normally, retail jobs hire frequently for different seasons, and are known for hiring teenagers to represent their company, which means they will be flexible with your schedule. On top of this, retail jobs are commonly known for providing great employee discounts!

Remember that school needs to always come before work! Under no circumstances should you have to skip class to make it to a job shift. If your employer if asking you to skip school to make it to a shift, then you should leave that job as soon as possible and find a job that is willing to work with your schedule. School always comes before work!

When balancing a hectic schedule, it is always important to have good time management skills. Time management is key in maintaining good grades and working a part time job because without it, you will never get all your homework done and do well on your test. An example of good time management would be refusing to go out one night so you can catch up on homework. An example of poor time management would be leaving your homework or studying for a test until last minute and needing to pull an all nighter to catch up.

Electronics such as cell phones, computers, and television often act as huge distractions and can prevent students from getting their work done.  One great way to have great self-discipline is to turn your phone off for an hour a day, and do your homework in a silent area, such as a library or classroom. You can get more than double your work done if you put 100% of your attention on it and not constantly being interrupted by text messages or checking your instagram!

These tips are very important to follow when maintaining good grades and also working a good part time job! Remember, your parents are ultimately your main boss. You want money, and your parents want you to get good grades. So in order to make both parties happy, remember these helpful tips from THM!

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