How To Save Your Money

How To Save Your Money

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With advertisements for great products virtually everywhere, knowing how to save your money can be extremely difficult -

- especially for teenagers. With tempting products such as new makeup, video games, or the newest iPhone being advertised on billboards on every corner, teenagers have an even more difficult time than most when it comes to not spending their money.  THM wants to share with you a few helpful ways save your money!

When it comes to saving and spending money, budgeting is key! Your first step when it comes to saving money is to record your income, then keep track of your spending for a week. This helps you see a record of where all your income goes and then determine which areas you need to focus to your decrease your spending.

As a girl myself, I know that the mall or outlets can be a very tempting environment to want to spend your money! The most important thing to remember is don’t go shopping just for fun. Window shopping can be very hard to resist, especially when your favorite store is having a great sale – suddenlyyour not on the outside of the window – you’re IN THE STORE, SPENDING!  Another idea is to check out stores such as your local thrift stores or consignment stores. These are great places to score amazing deals! You can count on finding your favorite brand name items at these stores for a fraction of the original price! Only go to the mall or shopping when you absolutely need something, and if that’s the case, check out the sale section first and see if you can score a great deal!

Another great way to save your money is to stick to cash only! At the beginning of every week, go to your atm and withdraw only the amount of money that fits in your weekly budget plan. Money goes a lot faster when you are just using a card to swipe and pay. It is much more painful to see actual cash leave your wallet and hand.

After recording your spending for a week, I’d be willing to bet that you were surprised at the amount of money that went towards eating out, especially if you’re a student with a busy schedule. Eating out sucks up your money quickly and normally you aren’t getting a very great deal. When grocery shopping, try to purchase easy to pack items in bulk such as pretzels, or pre-sliced apples, or mini-wrapped cheese that can easily be served in smaller portions. By packing lunch the night before going out you can ensure that you are saving money, and eating healthier!

Having a goal is a really great way to encourage you to not spend and to save any extra money you have! A goal is a great incentive to push yourself to not spend your money on things you really don’t need and only spend it on absolute necessities. By following these useful tips, I guarantee that you can save money easily!

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