Problems with wrinkles at an early age, how can I improve my condition?

Problems with wrinkles at an early age, how can I improve my condition?

Wrinkles Early?

Getting wrinkles at an early age, in the teens and early twenties, is more common than you think!  By adopting one or two of these suggestions into your lifestyle, you may reduce the severity of current wrinkles or prevent yourself from getting wrinkles in the future.


Massaging the face is recommended by professionals to alleviate wrinkles.  The amount of facial massage techniques that are said to have an effect on wrinkles are many.  I will describe just a few here.  Just remember, facial skin is delicate, so be gentle in your massage!  There are two ways a massage will help wrinkles: relaxation of the muscles, and increasing circulation and skin tightness.

When you wake up in the morning, place both hands over your eyes with your fingers pointed up. Then while flexing your face muscles moderately, rub your hands over your face up and down.  You should try to have the rubbing action completely cover the length of the face, doing this also should bring the oils in your hair that built over night to make their way to your face, these oils are beneficial for the skin.  It is also a good idea to smile while treating the face and try to put your best energy into it, because it may make a difference.  When doing this exercise properly the face should not be loose, it should not stretch or droop, the only thing moving are the hands and the most outer region of skin.  A strong smile or slightly tensing the face muscles might help, if the mass of the face was drooping or moving around too much.  Doing this 30 or more times in the morning increases the strength of the skin, and should make the skin more robust, it also can prevents and reduces wrinkles.  Some repeat this exercise with saliva by licking their hand or by using honey which grips more to moisturize and invigorate the skin.

Using the joint of the thumb to massage problem areas.  Massaging the forehead with the back of the joint of the thumb can reduce wrinkles there, this relaxes the muscles and also stimulates circulation.  By pressure point holding and and rubbing, you can relax muscles that cause wrinkles elsewhere, too.  Apply pressure with the thumb joint to the bottom of the eyebrow, closest to the bridge of the nose, and then move it along the bottom of the eyebrow toward the ears, until your joint has left the eyebrow region.  Next, place the thumb joints in the indent in the skull about an 1 inch width outside the eye, and use a circular motion going upward then toward the ears and back around.   When doing this exercise you should also use a circular motion to massage the inside of the eye closest to the bridge of the nose, go down then outward and back around.  Next, start at the inside of the eye and move down and out, aim toward about .5 an inch outside the mouth.  The last place that I’ll describe on the face is found by starting at the pupil, the middle of the eyes, and moving straight downwards until you are to the side of the nose opening, there is a spot that when applying medium pressure to, you can release tension in the face.

People massage with the back of their hand, tips of fingers, and bottoms of fingers.  It’s good to put pressure wherever you feel muscle tension or where you think massage will release that tension.  It is also good when massaging to use a face cream with vitamins and antioxidants.  It is common for people to lightly slap the face, this is an easy way to increase circulation.


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