Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic Drugs

The sale of legal synthetic drugs in convenience stores disguised as herbal incenses and plant food has led to a struggle that has affected many young people around the U.S.  Alabama and several other states have outlawed these substances, but for most states it remains an outstanding issue. The packages are labeled “not for human consumption” to avoid FDA regulatory oversight in production.

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana consists of plant material that has been laced with substances (synthetic cannabinoids) that users claim mimics 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive active ingredient in marijuana, and is marketed toward young people as a legal high. Popular products are K2, and Spice. Many people have negative reactions such as convulsions, as synthetic marijuana contains many harmful chemicals that are mixed with Acetone which is actually used for nail polish remover!

Bath Salts

“Bath Salts”, a street name for so-called designer drugs are not to be confused with Epsom salt used for taking baths.  Underground chemists created the drug to mimic the affects of cocaine, amphetamines, and other illegal stimulants. There is an estimated 100 different bath salt chemicals in circulation.  They came to more public notice when a male adult ate the flesh of a homeless man's face in Florida, while under the influence of bath salts. Bath Salts have been made illegal within the past year, however the law only outlaws certain chemicals, but chemical producers can alter the chemical makeup, allowing them to sell them in stores legally. 

New Epidemic

Over the past year the use of synthetic drugs has grown dramatically throughout the U.S and Europe. The American Association of Poison Control received more than 6,100 calls about bath salts in 2011, and the spread is continually rising. There have been deaths reported, and signs of permanent brain damage among users. It is a legal drug that should not be used. It is something that should be talked about to spread awareness.

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