Flashback to freshman year of college, the freedom of not having to live with your parents, under their roof and with their rules, finally sinks in. It's an amazing feeling actually. In fact, where's the nearest party? You have the time of your life and build lasting memories with friends you will keep for a lifetime. The years pass by and you manage to pass some of the most challenging and demanding classes you will ever come across with a little help from your friends and endless hours of tutoring sessions.

Just as things are starting to pick up in life and everything seems in place, your last semester sneaks up on you. You make your last visit to your counselor's office to make sure everything is in place for graduation. You call Mom. Mom cries. Mom tells the family, so you don't need to worry about sending invitations because she already sent a mass text message while you were speaking with her. (Yes, Mom knows how to multitask on her phone.) The order for your cap, gown and tassel are in.

Things are starting to get real. Finals come and go and now it's time to walk across the stage to receive the empty, but gorgeous folder; the folder that is to hold your precious piece of paper you've been working so hard for will remain empty for six weeks (when your actual degree paper gets delivered to your house). You share the last moments with your friends and party the night away. The discussion of what your plans are comes up. Everyone has the same answer – find a job, get a nice place of your own, and maybe take the vacation of a lifetime. The extravaganza ends. You don't remember the second half of the night, but you know it was a blast according to the blurry pictures in your phone.

The last of your things are packed up and you take one more look at the picture frames that hold your memories from the last four years and bubble wrap them carefully. Your car is packed with what seems to be a thousand boxes, you say your last goodbyes to the friends that will forever hold a special place in your heart, and hit the road.

The world is not ready for the things you can bring to the table. You can see your future: the dream job, the dream car, and lots of money (to pay back the student loans). You arrive at your destination: your parents house. This is where you'll stay for a couple of years. You spend all summer turning in job applications and hope you get one call back. As you sit in your room, which still looks the same as high school, you think to yourself. Things will come in time, enjoy summer, and keep in touch with the people who stood by your side during the most incredible four years of your life.

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